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Text Analytics: Analyse Keywords Using Google Trends

Google Trends, A free of cost tool to analyze the popularity of search terms and trends. It is a numeric/historic representation of the searches made on Google. As the name suggests, it demonstrates what's trending on google, what are the questions/information people searching online. Take an example of Game of Thrones which is trending all over the world these days. When you search GoT using Google Trends, you get all the data related to search on Google about GoT season 7 trends, like you get what is the particular time period the searches about GoT is increasing.

From the given chart, one can interpret that the searches about Game of thrones have increased drastically near June 2017.

Also, one can moderate area wise interest, which country is searching the most about a particular topic.

From this, one can interpret that people in Australia are searching the most about GoT.

There are basically 2 ways to filter the data: Real Time and Non-Real Time. Real Time data randomly selects data from google searches in last 7 days. Whereas Non-Real Time data is again a set of randomly selected data from 2004 to ~36 hours ago.

Analyzing Keywords on Google Trends:

This feature on google trends compares keywords that you have filled to find out who is searching MORE for what.

For example, when one compares the trends in searches about Football and Cricket, one can see in what period was the search for cricket more than football and vice versa.

This chart shows cricket searches (red) is higher than football related search in the period of 11-17 June.

Comparing region wise data:

Among India, Australia, and Saudi Arabia are the regions where people search more about Cricket and Canada and Russia are the regions where people search about Football.

One can compare up to 5 keywords at a time.

How can Google Trends be used for businesses?

· Get geographical Search data

To know in which area are the people concentrated who want your product/service. Taking above example forward, we can say that if a company wants to sell Cricket related service, they should target India and not Canada.

· Analyse keyword

One more way you can use google trends in your business is using keyword check up for your website. A good website should have those words in it which are trending over the World. You should do a periodic check up of the keywords trending and optimize your website accordingly.

· Idea Discovery:

Using Google trends, you can brainstorm on business ideas revolving around the trending keywords.

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