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Extract Financial Data For Analysis and Visualisation | R Programming

Extract Financial Data in R using 'quantmod'

Step 1: Install and Load required packages


Step 2: Decide what kind of data you want

Extract the currency rate of last 180 days from Oanda

#This will return US dollar to Indian Rupee rate of last 180 days
>getSymbols("USD/INR", src="oanda")
>plot(USDINR, main = "US Dollar to Indian Rupee", sub = "180 Days", xlab = "Time Period", ylab = "Rupee per Dollar")


Extract Stock details from google

>getSymbols.google('TTM', verbose=TRUE,from = "2017-01-01", to = "2017-07-01", env = globalenv())


Plot the Volume traded over 6 months

>plot(TTM[ ,5], main = "Volume TTM", type = "s")