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Extract Useful Data From Text Using Monkey Learn API

Objective: To extract useful data like links, phones, prices, times, emails, Bitcoin addresses, dates, ipv6s, hex colors and credit cards from textual data using MonkeyLearn API.

Step 1: Install and Load required packages


Step 2: Get API Key from MonkeyLearn 

Visit this Website and sign up with your email ID,

Click on your name in right side top corner and select My Account,

Select API Keys from the Left side menu and copy it. 

Step 3: Extract keywords using your API key

>text <- "Namaste, PlanetAnalytics is a blog for data analysts and enthusiasts all over the world. It's a knowledge sharing platform for anyone and everyone who wants to learn and explore the realm of Data Analytics. Our articles are designed to provide a simple approach towards clean as white Analytics and help learn and explore various software and tools present in the market at $0. We try to fill the gap between analytics and its users in the simplest way possible. write to us at info@planetanalytics.in. connect with us at www.planetaalytics.in. call us at +91-8876473456"

>output <- monkeylearn_extract(request = text, key = MyKey,
                              extractor_id = "ex_dqRio5sG")



Write to us at info@planetanalytics.in