WhatsApp Chat Sentiment Analysis in R

Get Real Time Trends On Twitter

Objective: To extract location wise trending topics on Twitter 

Step 1: Install and Load required packages


Step 2: Set up and validate OAuth 

Click here for a step wise guide to generate API key, API Secret, Access Token and Secret

>api_key <- "YOUR API KEY"
>api_secret <- "YOUR API SECRET"
>access_token <- "YOUR ACCESS TOKEN"
>access_token_secret <- "YOUR ACCESS TOKEN SECRET"

>setup_twitter_oauth(consumer_key = api_key, consumer_secret = api_secret, access_token = access_token, access_secret = access_token_secret)

Step 3: Fetch trends based on WoeID

Get any location's Woeid from here

>woeid <- 23424848 #woeid for India
>India_Trends <- getTrends(woeid)



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