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Clickstream analytics and its applications

The process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting aggregate data about which pages a website visitor visits and in what order is known as clickstream analytics (also known as clickstream analysis). The track that a visitor takes through a website is called the Clickstream.

Clickstream Analytics can be used at various levels of the organization. Below are some of its applications:-

1. Collection of data

Clickstream Analytics help enterprises to collect data on user interactions with their web and mobile apps. It forces the analytics.js ecosystem, and is API-compatible with a segment, making it an option to segment's SaaS offering.


A set of heavy fleece jackets will be displayed to users living in harsh winters and searching for a fleece jacket. But a set of light jackets will be displayed on the website to users living in moderate winters in a different geographical area.

2. Creation of Digital map

The data collected by clickstream is used to create a digital map of the visitor's journey across a website or application. It shows how your customers visited, why they left, or what they choose to do along the path. It allows product and marketing groups to final opportunities and optimizes their website or application to reach the users more impactive.


If you sell widgets and see that a lot of people type in 'blue widgets' but leave without buying any, clickstream analytics will tell you where they come in, what they look at, and where they leave.

3. Tracking every action of the customer

Clickstream analytics track every login, button click or hover, purchase or nonchalance of purchase or any other action on daily basis. Since most apps and websites are dynamic too, clickstream data is often managed manually.


Most visitors only spend some time on the newsletter sign-up page, or the page before it. The information that nobody spends any time on a page necessitates an update or changes.